The Pros And Cons Of Using A TENS Machine During Labour

One of the newest forms of pain management is the ZoeTech TENS machine. TENS is believed to be completely safe. But it should not be used on an open cut: if your skin is really sensitive or already irritated by a previous injury. While in principle there is no danger, the effects of TENS can differ from person to person and may depend on the strength of the electric current. If you are using a TENS machine on yourself, make sure that you are not allergic to the TENS stimulus and do not have any allergies or other health problems that could make TENS dangerous.

TENS machines work on the same principle as a large battery-operated air compressor. A small electrical impulse is passed through a series of electrodes attached either to the skin or directly to the body. The amount of current flowing through the electrodes determines the painlessness experienced.

Generally speaking, the ZoeTech TENS machine is only effective if it is applied during active labour. However, the stimulation is of great benefit during the early stages of labour, where the baby’s weight and size are rapidly decreasing. This natural way of delivering the baby painlessly is very beneficial for the mother as well. Besides relieving the pain, TENS also helps deliver a much more comfortable feeling while delivering the baby. The delivery process itself will feel much more relaxing with the help of a TENS machine.

On the other hand, TENS cannot cure or treat actual pains. It tries to mimic a very real and painful sensation that the baby experiences while in the birth process. As such, the machines also come with some limitations as far as effectiveness is concerned. For example, the TENS machine may not provide the baby with sufficient endorphins during the early stages of labour pain.

TENS units are therefore very useful for inducing labour pain and are commonly used in various practices. However, it is important to note that even though these machines can relieve the pain, they cannot cure or treat any actual disease or physiological condition. In other words, even though you may get relief from the symptoms of a lower backache, the use of a tens machine will not solve any problem of the spine or the nervous system. Hence, you should always consult your doctor before trying out any of these machines during labour.

Overall, the ZoeTech TENS machine is very popular, and many people have already started using them. They are easy to operate, cost less and have no side effects at all. While TENS units are very popular and effective in pain management, they should not be treated as a cure for a specific disease or condition. As mentioned earlier, TENS machines are only meant for the inducement of comfort and pain relief. Suppose you want to get more information about the pros and cons of the tens machine and how to use it. In that case, you can consult a medical expert or contact a medical website that deals specifically with the ZoeTech TENS machine and other medical devices.