National Disability Insurance Plan Manager – What You Need to Know

What exactly is an NDIS plan manager? An NDIS plan manager is an independent disability service provider that interacts with eligible NDIS participants to maximise your existing plan benefits. Their services are known as National Disability Insurance System or NDIS, which stands for National Disability Insurance Integration. Their primary role is to ensure that your organisation properly uses the money from your plan’s disability resources. The main service they provide is NDIS Plan Administration or improved life choices, Integrated Disability Status and Control in your program.

They perform tasks such as managing your application intake, collecting applications, managing claims, tracking benefits, tracking eligibility progress and more. They also ensure that your paperwork is submitted on time and submitted completely. When a company is selected to participate in the program, the company must designate one person (the registered health information controller) to be the National Disability Insurance plan manager. This person manages the plans for all eligible companies; maintains the master file; coordinates with state agencies, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other federal agencies; submits application forms; collects application fees; and answers enrollment questions.

How to Find an NDIS Plan Manager

Start by looking for qualified individuals with experience. If you work with private service companies, they will already have one person in place; if you work with a bricks-and-mortar company, they will need to designate someone to charge the NDI accounts for each company. The good news is that in most cases, this person is already assigned to you. To find an eligible individual, contact your State’s job and labour department; they will have a list of qualified candidates. Once the list is populated, you can go onto websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed to look for individuals with the right skill sets and background for this important role.

Why Would You Want to Be a National Disability Insurance Plan Manager?

Managers play an important role in ensuring that your company’s contributions meet their own needs. They will have input in all matters concerning the provision of plan funding, such as determining which vendors to work with and whether to use a fee for quality services or whether to contract with a non-fringe organisation for the provision of services. The NDIS plan manager will also have input regarding the classification and pricing of plan members’ claims. They may also be involved in selecting and managing care provider providers that participate in the program.

How to Get the Skills You Need to Be a National Disability Insurance Plan Manager

When working at a service company or as a freelance writer and editor, you may struggle to keep track of your coverage and claims. Self-management training can help you keep track of these accounts while working remotely. Training can also come in a self-study program that can be completed over six months or more. This training can be undertaken online or offline and is tailored to your individual needs.

Some of the training programs focus on teaching you how to become an “insider” and learn about the inner workings of NDIS plan manager companies. Insiders can provide critical information to manage their accounts. Other training can focus on using third-party vendors to make your life easier by helping you obtain the best plan selections from the right vendors. These third-party vendors will then submit quotes to the insurance companies so that you only have to choose from providers that offer the best value to your pocketbook. Once you learn how to manage your accounts, you will no doubt want to take this knowledge and apply it to other areas, such as handling claims submissions and managing vendor contracts.