Why Do You Need to Take the Learner’s Test for a Driver’s License in Western Australia?

You need to take the learner’s test for a Western Australia driver’s license if you are at least 15 years and nine months old. If you pass, the examiner will give you an L (learner) classification on your license, which restricts your driving until you pass both of your P (practical) tests. Once you have completed both parts of your P tests, your license will be replaced with a provisional class C license.

Ez-Licence-learners-test-WARemember that learners’ tests for a Western Australian driver’s license are conducted in English. Therefore, if your second language is not English, you may have to sit the test in an accredited language centre or college before taking it at a Driver and Vehicle Services Centre (the DVSC).

Based on the 2011 Census, about 2.4 percent of the Western Australian population aged five years and over reported that their main language spoken at home was not English.

If you are a non-English speaker and do not have an interpreter with you when you take the test, the examiner will stop the test and reschedule it.

The Ez Licence learners test WA is a computer-based test that consists of 30 questions. You must correctly answer at least 25 of them to pass.

The number of questions you get completely wrong will determine whether you can take the practice tests or not. If you get more than 16 incorrect answers, you will be required to wait for 14 days before taking the two necessary P tests again. A further 22 incorrect answers will result in a three-month waiting period.

The questions on the test are based on the Road Traffic Authority’s (RTA) learner driver handbook, which you conveniently can download from the RTA website. The handbook covers safe driving practices, preparing for a drive, road rules and vehicle licensing requirements.
You can also get help preparing for the learner’s test by attending a driver training school.

If you pass the learner’s test, you will be issued with an L plate to display on the front and back of your car. In addition, you must carry your driver’s license with you when driving, and you must not drive a larger vehicle than your classification allows.

Moreover, you cannot drive a vehicle that carries more people or goods than your license permits. You must also obey the conditions of your provisional class C driver’s license, which include not driving between 11 pm and 5 am unless you are driving to or from work or in an emergency.
If you breach any of the conditions of your license, the RTA can suspend or cancel it.

So, if you are a Western Australian resident and want to get your driver’s license, make sure you take the learner’s test and familiarize yourself with the Road Traffic Authority’s learner driver handbook. Knowing the road rules and safe driving practices is important before hitting the open road. It’s safer that way for everyone.