How a Vegan Shampoo Can Benefit You

What is vegan shampoo? Simply put, it is a shampoo for those who are vegans. Vegan shampoos are great because they offer many benefits over regular shampoos, including better health, better hygiene, and less environmental impact.

De-LorenzoThe word vegan is often associated with issues about animal rights and the treatment of animals, but this does not mean that a vegan shampoo will contain any harmful ingredients or that are made using by animals. The word vegan means the exact opposite of what it means in regards to regular shampoo – it is free from any animal ingredients and is entirely natural and organic. A vegan shampoo has not been tested on animals or contains any derivatives from animals, and these shampoos are made using organic and all-natural ingredients.

It’s essential to understand why vegan beauty products like De Lorenzo are essential to us in today’s world. With the fast pace of technology and fast-food habits, our bodies and skin are being bombarded by chemicals and other daily toxins. As a result, chemicals and toxins build up in our systems over time, which can cause a variety of severe health problems. Vegan hair care products are a perfect way to prevent ourselves from getting these problems. As a result, many individuals suffer from acne, eczema, dry scalp, dandruff, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, hair loss, low energy, pimples, premature aging, psoriasis, and more.

There are two significant benefits to going vegan when shampooing. First of all, a vegan shampoo will offer you the benefits of organic ingredients without any of the harsh chemicals found in regular shampoos. Second, it will also be healthier for your hair. Many organic shampoos contain vitamins A, B, C and E, plantain oil, tea tree oil, aloe vera and more. While they may cost more upfront, these types of ingredients can save you money on prescription medications that often come with side effects such as memory loss, sexual dysfunction, or even hormone imbalance.

Another benefit of using a HairGang vegan shampoo that avoids animal testing is more environmentally friendly. Chemical ingredients that go into making most commercial shampoos eventually end up in our water supply. The runoff from these chemicals eventually ends up in our groundwater, and wildlife is impacted due to exposure to the chemicals.

Many individuals do not realize that regular shampoo contains potentially harmful chemicals like sodium Laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate. It is commonly known as SLS, and it is used as a foaming agent in hair care products. While it is safe for use on mild to medium hair, it can cause dryness and breakage if too much is applied. In addition, there have been multiple studies done that show this chemical’s adverse effects on both people and animals.

While vegans feel strongly about animal rights, they also want to utilize all-natural, plant-based products. There are a plethora of plant-based alternatives to traditional shampoo and conditioners. Although they still contain animal by-products, such as casein, they do not use animal hormones or chemicals. They are made with ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and more. Therefore, a vegan shampoo free of harmful chemicals doesn’t mean that it is entirely devoid of plant-based ingredients.