Choosing the Material to Use With Your Brass Door Handles

If you are thinking of redecorating and buying new doors and furniture for your home, you might want to consider LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles. They can match and complement almost all types of decor and are easy to clean and maintain. Look at the various options available before you decide on your choice. The different styles range from ornate and fancy to more rustic. Whether you choose a more traditional design or something more contemporary, you can be sure that brass will add an elegant touch to your rooms.


Antique LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles inlaid with semi-precious stones or semi-precious beads look great if fashioned in the same style as your existing doors. Likewise, bronze and Venetian look nice when crafted in the same tone as your existing doors; however, it is advisable to match the choice of metallic materials in your new door furniture in the colours of your interior furnishings too. The modern, rustic-inspired designs can be very appealing and work well with many different interior styles. For example, the faux chandeliers would be perfect for a traditional feel home, while a modern design suits a more contemporary property. Floor lamps in brass also look stunning, along with a matching floor sconce.


Pewter looks excellent with a more ornate design such as a clawfoot tub and is perfect for brass door handles. Bronze and Venetian look good on classic themed properties, such as those with a country theme. Examples include a rustic country cottage or a modern property with clean lines. Pewter is also an excellent choice if you want to add some finishing touches to your doors; examples include using pearl embellishments or hand-painted designs.


Another option when looking for LoAndCoInteriors brass door handles is that of antique brass. An example of this type would be antique brass door manufactured in a bygone era, featuring intricate detailing. Antique brass can also be beautiful, with its unique, vibrant colour. In terms of colour, red and black are generally considered the most attractive, although there are no rules associated with the colour of brass. In addition, brass is often associated with a period of history in Britain and features cannons, war trumpets and other period weapons.


A trendy alternative to antique door handles is that of bronze. Although bronze is much cheaper than brass, it is not as durable and prone to many scratches and abrasions. Bronze is also susceptible to chipping and denting, making it unsuitable for heavily used areas like hallways and bathroom door handles. Bronze is also prone to weathering, especially if it is left outdoors over time and will lose its shine and colour. Bronze is also a natural rust agent, so it should be avoided when likely to contact water or acidic liquids.