Breeding Expertise

Breeding is at the core of our business. At MKS our breeders work intimately with our network of seed producers and traders worldwide to develop varieties that continuously surpass market standards.

Research Innovation

The birth of a successful variety begins with a diligent, market driven research program. We at MKS work alongside all members of the value chain to develop the right product for the right market.


Magnus Kahl genetics are specifically selected to ensure that our seed produces end products that are robust in growth, disease resistant, uniform and long-storing. The genetics are sourced from a wide range of geographic locations, which in turn produces varieties that are both flexible and resilient.


Magnus Kahl Seeds does not employ the use of GMO breeding techniques. The company uses contemporary hybrid breeding methods, right through to classic open pollinated selection techniques in dual hemisphere locations. Our market knowledge and close communication with our customers, allows our breeding direction to be closely aligned with the needs of growers and end produce markets.

Product Development

Our meticulous attention to the particular genetics and climates of all the countries to which we supply is unsurpassed. This is the key to the global success of our onion, shallot and echalion varieties.

Seed Trailing

The process of variety screening and trialling is paramount in allowing Magnus Kahl Seeds to continue to supply the market with new and improved onion products. The trialling process begins internally, where new varieties from our breeding program are continuously trialled, analysed and scrutinised, until a high level of quality has been achieved. It is only when we have achieved this level that a new onion variety will reach a commercial field.

From Trial to Release

Bridging the gap between the trialling stage and the commercial release of new products is a timely process – continuous trialling, product adjustment and improvement is vital. However at Magnus Kahl Seeds we believe the most important tool in establishing whether products have reached a satisfactory commercial level is the feedback from our growers.