Magnus Kahl Seeds

Magnus Kahl Seeds is a specialist allium breeding company, which focuses on both hybrid and open pollinated breeding techniques. The company places a particular emphasis on breeding onion, shallot and echalion varieties for customers around the world.


Magnus Kahl Seeds opened its doors in 1936 with only three, highly regarded open pollinated varieties for the Australian onion market. In 1987, the company was purchased by the Weddell family, who maintained and expanded the existing range for both the Australian and foreign markets.

Today, MKS stands as a truly global company. With a shift in ownership, it developed a diverse management structure; one designed to support a rapidly growing business with a strong international presence. The company boasts an advanced hybrid breeding program and a new seed production facility in Pakistan, in addition to its well established production locations in Australia, France, USA and South Africa.

This multi-location production allows for the company to carry out counter season production, which in turn reduces the risks associated with single geography seed production.

Why Us

To put it simply, no other multinational seed company will go to the lengths we do to create varieties, geographically optimised to achieve the best results. Creating pure generations of new varieties takes many years. MKS’s efforts, which now span three decades, puts us far ahead of our competition.

Future Focus

Breeding and producing varieties of superior quality is paramount to our success. At MKS we control each step of the supply chain to ensure that high quality and service parameters are met.

Our breeding program is the core of our business. We envisage our future growth will stem from the development of new markets, which will be driven by creating superior varieties, tailored to the specific geographic and market needs of our global customers.